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Get new sales meetings every month

Don’t be limited by your personal network, word of mouth or referrals. We go beyond your personal network and reach out to potential customers that have the right profile. You get qualified, sales-ready leads for you to close.


Save Time

You get meetings delivered right to your inbox. Now you can focus on what’s most important for your business. Like this you and your sales team can be the most effective.


Get to the decision makers

B2B Online marketing often generates interest from wrong type of prospects. We laser target decision makers in companies that are your ideal customers. You don’t waste your time talking to prospects that will never become your customer.


Get Consistent Predictable Sales

Forget about the days where getting new sales is like riding a rollercoaster. Growth Engine Lab brings a consistent stream of meetings month after month.

How it Works

Answer a couple of questions

We start with a two-hour workshop to understand your target market and your product. This allows us to build a profile of the ideal customers to target.

Build laser-targeted lists

Based on your ideal customer profile, we build customized lists of prospects. This list is then enriched with personalized information gathered from social networks and specialized online tools and databases.

Develop an Outbound Campaign

The components of a successful campaign include: (1) a strategy to make cold contacts (luke)warm; (2) persuasive messages that provoke response (we aim to get a 15 to 30% response rate); (3) approach to make messages personal: we send messages en mass, but recipients have no way of distinguishing the message from a personal hand-written message.

Run the Campaign and Interact with Prospects

Messages are enriched with personalized information about the addressee and sent out. Our message sending technique ensures that messages cannot be perceived as mass-marketing messages and are indistinguishable from personally addressed messages. Since we enjoy a high response rate this step includes a lot of interaction with prospects to qualify them and to arrange the sales meetings.

Handover for the sales meeting

Potential customers that have expressed interest in having a meeting with you are handed over to your sales reps with all relevant information. You and your team can now focus on the meetings and closing the deals.

8 Reasons Why It Works

1. Fresh and tailored lists for your business:

We don’t buy lists from third parties. We build them specifically for your business based on your target market. Bought lists have notoriously low response rates, and most often do not contain your target decision makers.

2. Messages are crafted based on years of experience:

Messages that are sent out are based on years of copywriting experience about what works and doesn’t work. We also monitor results closely and experiment with different types of messages to optimize results.

3. Messages are personalized to the extreme:

We are reaching out to hundreds of potential customers for you per month but each individual email is personalized to the extreme. Recipients cannot distinguish the messages from a personalized hand-crafted message.

4. High deliverability:

Gmail and other email clients filter emails that are sent in bulk. We use special tools that make your messages and emails indistinguishable from personal emails.

5. No Gatekeepers:

Unlike cold calling, our technique doesn’t suffer from the gatekeeper problem. Your messages get delivered right to the decision maker.

6. Warmed up contacts:

Whenever we can, we use social networks and other techniques to avoid having to reach out plain cold. This increases the response rates and the conversion rates to sales meetings.

7. Consistent Follow-up:

When someone doesn’t get back the first time it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not interested. They may have been too busy when they got our message and forgot to reply. Successful sales people know that follow-up is the key to results. That’s why we follow up with everyone for you.

8. No Spam Ever. Period.

We do not add emails to spam lists and will never sell emails to third parties. We also do not misrepresent the business and only work for businesses with legitimate products and services.

What answers do we get to the emails?

(*) Below is a sample of real answers we got while reaching out for our customers
  • Reaching out to Directors of Media Companies,


  • Reaching to SaaS Marketing Directors,


  • Reaching out to CEOs of Advertising Brokers,


  • Reaching out to Tour Operators,


There is no catch

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No longterm contracts.
You can cancel anytime.

No hidden costs or
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Will this work for my company?

rightYou want sales meetings in a B2B setting.
rightYou are willing to commit to three months. Usually we already have results after the first months but sometimes further work is needed.
rightYou have the capacity to scale up and do the sales meetings.

If your answer is YES

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